Disobedient Tumbleweeds

Words, like disobedient tumbleweeds, can beguile, entrance and lead the readers down otherwise untrodden paths.

Noosa writers have combined their diverse talents to produce this cream of the crop anthology.

Their six stories reach to far-flung pockets of the western world. From murder and mystery in an English village to the devastating effects of Chernobyl, readers soon find themselves on a journey of debauchery in the vineyards of Tuscany. The writers then take you to the drama of a siege in eastern Australia, and a satirical romp in a coastal town.

These imaginative narratives tumble from cover to cover grabbing your emotions in death, love, hate and greed as you find yourself drawn into the windblown worlds of their mysteries.

Authors: Maria Benson, Grayham Bickley, Celia Esplin, Barbara Kelly, Laura Kippen, Rebecca S. Mason, Carien McGuin





A stash of ephedrine is uncovered in the walls of a refrigerated container, in a transit terminal at The Port of Brisbane. Simon McNeil, ex-stuntman, discovers his business partner Toby viciously killed in a tanker, during a flawed police surveillance.

Accused of the murder and unable to trust anyone, Simon is forced to go on the run. He’s launched into an alien landscape in which he fights for both his life, and the lives of those close to him.

Hunted by both the Queensland Drug Squad and a dangerous biker called Janko, Simon calls on all his experience and reserve to survive, and bring Toby’s killers to justice.

One thing he knows for sure – his life will never be the same again.


Author: Gray Bickley

Website: www.graybickley.weebly.com




The Provenance Diary

Suspense-Thriller novel... just released!

On a crusade to unravel his past, a street-wise magician is drawn into the murky underworld of Nazi stolen art and Cold War Berlin, where the more he discovers, the more people have to hide.

"A cleverly constructed tale of belonging, uncommonly imagined, eloquently told. In this multi-layered story, Erskine explores the great conundrum of the restitution of stolen art, while at the same time considering the deeply personal need for provenance." Graham Ross, M.Ed, History, Linguistics

"Sleight of hand is the key here as Erskine utilises brevity to perfection, directing the story via the tightest prose, allowing reader the rare experience of word closeness; of kicking back and living the tale without barely blinking. Add to that some wonderfully outrageous characters who help unravel the various mysteries and the result is truly magical storytelling." John Hudspith, author, editor


Author: David Erskine

Website: www.daviderskine.com




Time Conspiracy

Was Leonardo da Vinci a genius ... or was he, literally, ahead of his time?

After finding a mysterious bracelet beside a human skeleton in a in Australia, teens Matt & Lissa, are inadvertently transported back to 15th Century Florence, Italy.

They get into strife with the locals, and the constabulary and stumble into a treacherous assassination plot upon two brothers of the most powerful family in Florence - the Medicis.

As they battle to return home, they question the true origin of their new-found friend, Leonardo da Vinci, and are convinced he is hiding an incredible secret.

But will they get back to the 21st Century? Or will they face spending years in a stinking, rat-infested dungeon … or worse!

Author: Kerri McDonald

Website: www.kezartcreations.com.au





Frozen in Time

When prominent barrister Sir David Mosley’s body is found after a severe snowstorm, it looks at first a clear case of mishap. During an investigation by a private detective hired by Mosley’s wife, Veronica, questions arise as to Sir David’s infidelity. But what is uncovered is more than just his extra marital affairs and leads to a more intriguing case.

Frozen in Time is a collaboration of works put together by Noosa Writers; each author adding their own thoughts to the mystery of Mosley’s life.

Other tales tell of sadness, love and laughter and feelings toward innate objects that will make the reader think. Also included are poems guaranteed to bring a smile to the reader’s face.

Frozen in Time is Noosa Writers second book and promises to be the best yet.



When Pelicans Turn Blue

‘One of the greatest gifts in life is imagination.’

When Pelicans Turn Blue may appear to be a frivolous notion to those who do not study their antics, but for the reader who dares to delve deeper the very essence of fanciful imagination, whimsical and incredible inventiveness is buried within.

Noosa Writers have combined their creative talents, to produce a book crammed with long stories telling truthful tales of family hardship and joyful triumph, short stories that amuse and amaze, and quirky poetic rhymes that will examine your conscience or bring tears to your eyes.

Whatever your taste in reading, When Pelicans Turn Blue is written for a sensitive palate of idiosyncratic humanity, with all its frailties, fortitude, love, excitement and emotion.