Frozen in Time

When prominent barrister Sir David Mosley’s body is found after a severe snowstorm, it looks at first a clear case of mishap. During an investigation by a private detective hired by Mosley’s wife, Veronica, questions arise as to Sir David’s infidelity. But what is uncovered is more than just his extra marital affairs and leads to a more intriguing case.

Frozen in Time is a collaboration of works put together by Noosa Writers; each author adding their own thoughts to the mystery of Mosley’s life.

Other tales tell of sadness, love and laughter and feelings toward innate objects that will make the reader think. Also included are poems guaranteed to bring a smile to the reader’s face.

Frozen in Time is Noosa Writers second book and promises to be the best yet.



When Pelicans Turn Blue

‘One of the greatest gifts in life is imagination.’

When Pelicans Turn Blue may appear to be a frivolous notion to those who do not study their antics, but for the reader who dares to delve deeper the very essence of fanciful imagination, whimsical and incredible inventiveness is buried within.

Noosa Writers have combined their creative talents, to produce a book crammed with long stories telling truthful tales of family hardship and joyful triumph, short stories that amuse and amaze, and quirky poetic rhymes that will examine your conscience or bring tears to your eyes.

Whatever your taste in reading, When Pelicans Turn Blue is written for a sensitive palate of idiosyncratic humanity, with all its frailties, fortitude, love, excitement and emotion.